Tips For Optimizing Customer Engagement at SugarCon 2013

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Ted Sapountzis talked with me about his upcoming panel at SugarCon 2013 on how to optimize your engagement with customers. He notes that with so many channels now for customers to reach us, a new approach must be taken to address this reality.

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Tips For Optimizing Customer Engagement at SugarCon 2013

This is not a problem without a solution. Brands must consider how they can optimize their communications in all these channels. Traditionally we had phone, email, and the web. Now, we have social which creates multiple new channels for customers to connect with us and reachout. That and the addition of mobile is putting a significant strain on companies to keep up to prevent frustrated customers and brand damage.

Customer Engagement Horror Stories

There are so many horror stories of different and conflicting messages coming out. One on the web, a different one from the telemarketers, and several more versions coming out via social. The negative impact of failing to address the issue can be seen daily on social channels by those frustrated customers telling their friends, and the world, about their experience.

While there is no one-size-fits-all, Ted says the solution to this challenge requires you to look at a holistic approach to your customer communications. All your channels must be synchronized, and that will take persistence and perseverance.

You can join this panel at SugarCon 2013.

Tips for Optimizing Every Customer Engagement is on Tuesday at 1:45pm-2:20pm.

It is part of the Flexing the Sugar Platform: Extensions & Integrations track. The panel includes Aldo Zanoni, CEO and Managing Director, Omni Technology Solutions, Inc. (Riva) & Ted Sapountzis, Head of Products & Marketing, NextPrinciples & Nirav Bisarya, Strategic Alliances Executive, InsideView.