Social Media Tips for Non Profit Organizations

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Social Media Tips for Non Profit Organizations

If one of social media’s main goals is to amplify a message by connecting groups of people, and if one of nonprofits’ main goals is to promote a message in order to bring people together for a common cause, then it seems as though social media and non-profits are a match made in Heaven.

We’ve seen a significant increase lately in the use of social media for social good. And it makes sense. These organizations need a vehicle to drive engagement and interaction, which, in turn, leads to awareness of and support for their causes. At the same time, the success of social media hinges upon having a message worth spreading. Valuable information needs to be shared, otherwise social media would lack value.

Big nonprofit organizations versus small nonprofit organizations

The conversation happening about small versus large nonprofit organizations when it comes to social media is not entirely unlike the conversation happening with regard to small versus large businesses.

The simple facts remain the same. Yes, as a nationally recognized nonprofit organization, you will enjoy greater visibility. You’ll probably have more followers across your social channels, and more people who actually know what your mission is. At the same time, you might find it difficult to truly connect with everyone who is seeking your attention. There just might simply be too few hours in a day. Your name, however, is already established, and your social presence will help to grow your brand reputation.

As a small or local nonprofit organization, you might not enjoy international recognition. You might not even be nationally known. But your message can certainly gain momentum and make an impact where it’s needed. You also have the added benefit of likely being able to connect with more of your supporters on a much more personal level.

Building and nurture relationships

As it is with business, so it is with nonprofits. The key to being successful when it comes to your nonprofit and social media is to build and nurture relationships. When you’re seeking out influencers, however, you might be looking to connect with those whose lives have been impacted by your mission. Build those relationships and take good care of them. Never underestimate the value of a brand advocate. These people, through the individual stories they can tell and testimonials they can provide, all tell a little piece of your collective brand story. They are all voices for you. They’re grateful for your services and they want to talk about you to others. In short, building relationships with those whose lives your organization has touched can be tremendously beneficial for both of you, and it’s a great way to further your cause. Never before have these relationships been more accessible than they are with social media.

Remember the link between social and content marketing

Social media thrives on great content. Great content thrives on great stories. As a nonprofit, you are some of the most human brands out there because you have so many stories with emotional appeal to tell. Put those stories to good use. Here are some ideas for content you can create and distribute over your social channels to help boost your nonprofit’s message:

  • Write blog posts about topics that affect your nonprofit and those whom you serve.
  • Invite those who have received your services to contribute guest posts telling their own personal stories.
  • Create videos to help bring your message to life.
  • Conduct interviews and feature those who have great stories to tell or those who play a pivotal role in your mission.
  • Share pictures and video from events that you’ve held.

These are merely a few ways you can use social media to share your nonprofit’s mission and stories.

Are you a nonprofit using social media? What tips can you offer?